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From Secretary of  Defense Dr. Robert M. Gates to Olympic Gold Medalist’s Dara Torres and Jason Lezak, everyone has an inspiring story…. Click on the story to check them out!

Masada has just published her first novel, “Window Dressings” which is available on Amazon.  If you like her writing, this book will take you on many adventures.  Be sure to check it out!

Traveling is fun…. from Skydiving in New Zealand to Feasting in Florence…. there is always a good story to be found…. enjoy

Being the fun girl columnist is all about finding meaningful fun stories to make the world a better or funnier place…. take a look… and smile..

My Generations column- co-written with academy award winner Stephanie Zweig…. who is the author over 14 plus books and translated into 20 plus languages….


Stories that have been translated into other languages…..  enjoy if you can read them!!!


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