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Welcome!  I am a journalist, travel writer, crisis communication consultant and social media and marketing guru.  Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and sign up for the newsletter for current events, stories and updates from around the world.

I covered terrorism for two years for CNN & CBS news.   However, the stories that I like to write the most are positive and filled with worldwide adventures.  I also freelance as an on camera reporter.   If you have a story- that needs to be heard…  Feel free to contact me at any time.

Please check out my first novel, “Window Dressings” which is available on Amazon.  It’s a super fun book  and the reviews have been outstanding.

My interviews range from Secretary of  Defense Dr. Robert M. Gates to Olympic Gold Medalist’s Dara Torres and Jason Lezak, everyone has an inspiring story.  Please click on a few links and  check them out!

Here are a few video stories- where I am either on camera reporter- or worked as a field producer & camera woman.

Traveling is fun…. from Skydiving in New Zealand to Feasting in Florence…. there is always a good story to be found…. enjoy

Being the fun girl columnist is all about finding meaningful fun stories to make the world a better or funnier place…. take a look… and smile..

My Generations column- co-written with academy award winner Stephanie Zweig…. who is the author over 14 plus books and translated into 20 plus languages….

Masada Siegel is an International correspondent… reporting from all over the world… She likes to write fun, positive, and adventurous stories as often as possible.

Masada writes for The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Jerusalem Post and about 40 other  newspapers around the USA, Canada and the UK.  She has a monthly column  with the CJN in Canada and the JT news in Seattle and is a syndicated columnist. She has been a  featured guest speaker at the University of Southern California and Women’s  Symposiums.

She  has covered three National Conventions for CNN, rode in a Vice Presidential Motorcade, covered  terrorism and general news for CNN, Fox News  Channel and CBS News.  She received  her Master degree from Columbia University in  International Media and Communications with a focus on the Middle East and her Undergraduate degree  from the University of Southern California also in International Relations  and Communications.

Masada has interviewed President Gerald Ford, Vice President Al Gore, Secretary of  Defense Dr. Robert M. Gates, Mike Wallace, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator John McCain, NBC correspondent Martin Fletcher,  Comedian Sandy  Hackett, Spin City Producer Gary David  Goldberg, Author and Academy Award winner Stefanie Zweig, Olympic Gold Medalist Dara  Torres and Olympic Gold Medalist Jason  Lezak to name a few.

Keep smiling,

Masada, The Fun Girl Correspondent

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