Masada Siegel is an international correspondent. She writes for The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle, Newsweek/The Daily Beast, The Jerusalem Post, The Toronto Star, SKI Magazine and more. She's also on camera and her stories have appeared on Yahoo News, Reuters, ITN and AOL news. She has been a featured guest speaker at the University of Southern California, Arizona State University and Women’s Symposiums. Masada covered three National Conventions for CNN, rode in a Vice Presidential Motorcade, covering terrorism and general news for CNN, Fox News Channel and CBS News. Masada has a MIA from Columbia University in International Media and Communications with a focus on the Middle East. She attended the University of Southern California for her undergraduate education and completed a double major in International Relations and Communications.


2014 Lowell Thomas Award Winner & 2013 Award Winning Photographer

REAL SIMPLE: The No-Fail Plan for Avoiding Toddler Meltdowns When You Travel

As a travel writer, I’ve jumped out of an airplane in New Zealand, hiked up a desert mountain to watch the sunrise in Israel, and learned to surf in 55 degree water in San Diego—but none of these activities compare to the challenge of traveling with a toddler who doesn’t have the word “sit” in

Jun 23, 2018 Admin

OZY- My Night with Ray Charles

I moved to New York City in pursuit of a dream. It’s a city where worlds are created, images shattered and the strangest things can happen. In this instance? Me waking up from an afterwork nap and reaching for the phone to order in Chinese. I looked at my dance clothing hanging on the back

Feb 19, 2018 Admin

Happiness in Hawaii

In 2014, according to a Gallup poll the hypothetical happiest American was described as a tall, Asian-American man over 65 years old, who lives in Hawaii, is married with children, owns a business, earns a household income of more than $120,000 a year — and is an observant Jew. While I don’t fit most of

May 21, 2017 Admin
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